Willmar S-600

Hopper Capacity - Struck 192 cu ft (5.46 m3)
Hopper Capacity - Heaped 210 cu ft (5.95 m3)
Weight Empty 3,100 lbs (1,409 kg)
Maximum Gross Weight 16,500 lbs (8,250 kg)
Hopper Construction 409 Stainless Steel

Willmar S-800

Hopper Capacity - Struck 244 cu ft (6.90 m3)
Hopper Capacity - Heaped 264 cu ft (7.47 m3)
Weight Empty 3,400 lbs (1,542 kg)
Maximum Gross Weight 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg)
Hopper Construction 409 Stainless Steel

Sturdy, productive, accurate and reliable — the S-600 and S-800 are all that and more. Featuring 6- (5454.5 kg) or 8-ton (7272.7 kg) capacities, an optional 8-hp (5.9 kW) engine for driving the spinner system, braking for improved safety and heavy-duty hitches with safety chains, you'll spend more time in the field and less time loading up.

  • Both spreaders are available in dual- or single-spinner configurations
  • The S-600 is also available in narrow track dual- and single-spinner versions
  • Dependable ground-drive, two-speed conveyor system
  • PTO-driven dual spinners with four adjustable curved blades on each, or a single spinner with six adjustable blades
  • Easy setup: Hitch the spreader to your tractor, connect the PTO, set the gate height
  • Material divider delivers fertilizer to spinners; adjustable baffle plate controls material flow
  • Multi-leaf spring suspension with rocker arms for equal load distribution
  • Axle options from 62" to 88" with two- or four-wheel brake options
  • 40' pattern dual spinners deliver an 80' swath width
  • 50' pattern dual spinners deliver a 100' swath width

Willmar spreaders are built with materials that resist the harsh realities of changing weather conditions and corrosive materials.  The hopper, conveyor and ground-drive chains along with the hopper are made of stainless steel, while the frame construction is reinforced structural channel steel.